DWDS is proud to be uniting concerned people around the world in the pursuit of justice and dignity

Empowering Women with Disabilities:
Providing Education
Building networks of Collaboration

Disability & Women Development Strategies (DWDS) seeks to improve the status and quality of life of women and girls with disabilities in Africa through their own organisations. DWDS supports and encourages grassroots, national and regional organisations of women with disabilities to engage in empowering activities that promote dignity, unity, inclusion and equality.

  • DWDS is motivated by the existing international and national human rights instruments that seek to protect and promote rights and dignity of every individual.
  • DWDS envisages a barrier free society where every woman and girl with disability enjoys full human rights: being recognized, fully included and respected.
  • DWDS works to compliment the efforts of governments, faith institutions, organisations for the disabled, women's organisations, and other civil agencies to achieve the changes that we envision.


DWDS is pleased to be in partnership with the
Alliance Education Fund.
Providing educational scholarships to girls with disabilities, and empowering girls to become strong women who lead communities.


n.r.e.JPGTo Support the Work of DWDS
Please contact us at:

DWDS - Naomy R. Esiaba, Chairperson
P.O. Box 1221 - 50300


Naomy Esiaba is the founding chairperson of DWDS. She brings decades of expertise in international organizing along with dedicated, visionary leadership to DWDS and our partner organisations.

 DWDS is the Coordinating Orginasation for the following groups:

Member Groups

Group activities

Mwambuli Disabled Self Help Group

Vegetable and amaranth growing, physiotherapy gymnasium, table banking and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Tumaini Women and Girls with Disabilities

Local poultry keeping, Merry-go-round, vegetable growing  and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Widinyie Women Disabled Group

Merry-go-round, local poultry keeping and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Sabatia Blind Self Help Group

Small businesses by  individual members and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Sabatia Deaf Group

Merry-go-round, small businesses among individuals and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Avahandalala Women Disabled Group

Farming, merry-go-round, handcraft making and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Okoa Wamama Walemavu Group

Merry-go-round and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Hamisi P A G Disabled Group

Reproductive health trainings, merry-go-round and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Emuhaya Group of the Disabled

Knitting, table banking, bee keeping, local poultry keeping and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

Maseno Depot Disabled Group

Goat rearing, table banking and HIV/AIDS awareness creation

 dwds.jpg  DWDS leaders & Directors
(row 1-Josephta and Naomy; row 2-Naomi, Steve, Jane and Rose.)

Disability and Women Development Strategies (DWDS) is registered by the NGO-Board of the Republic of Kenya, 2005